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What Does Kinesiology Tape Do?

Supporting the body is something we have done for years, however traditional style supports tend to be very restrictive. In some cases of course, like broken bones for example, it is vital the injured area is immobilised and fully restricted. However in many cases of strain, sprain or other non-boney injury movement is actually an essential part of the recovery process.

Even spending a short time in something like a wrist brace or leg splint can cause atrophy of the muscles and loss of form. This is why professional sportsmen and women like kinesiology tape.

The whole point of Kinesiology tape is to provide essential muscle, tissue, and tendon support that is non-restrictive and reduces pain. The taping application used to apply Kinesiology Sports Tape is almost as important as the tape itself and is a key part of the therapeutic method.

When the tape is stretched taut and applied to a specific area, it rebounds, making tiny folds in the epidermis which separate it from the underlying deeper muscle tissue.

When applied correctly, the tape can prevent muscles from sending pain signals to the brain and can greatly help the flow of circulation and lymphatic fluid.

What is Kinesiology Tape Made From?

Made of a lightweight, thin, and ultra-stretchy blend of synthetic or cotton, its formulation and elastic versatility enables it to bind tightly to the body, without being restrictive.

Kinesiology sports tape acts as a second skin giving you support, whilst the spandex gives flexibility allowing you to move freely. This makes our tape an ideal alternative to a bandage or brace.

It’s in the Stretch

Applying Kinesiology Sports tape “unstretched” to muscles or joints can help reduce swelling and pain. Applying the tape “stretched” to muscles can increase stability, assist muscle contraction and improve joint motion.

The adhesive is heat activated, to activate, simply rub with your fingers to create friction.

The medical-grade adhesive makes Kinesiology Sports Tape suitable for up to five days wear, a marked contrast to standard athletic strapping tape, which normally lasts 3 days.

Standard strapping tape typically greatly restricts movement, as it's wrapped ultra-tight for the sole purpose of limiting activity in the part of the body it is applied to.

When worn, kinesiology tape feels light, and mimics the thickness and flexibility of human skin, and possesses an elastic stretch of between 40-70% of its resting length. You will probably forget you are wearing it unless you catch sight of it!

The synthetic material used in Kinesiology Sports Tape has water resistant properties, it’s able to let evaporation occur, so it can dry quickly and can be worn in the shower or swimming pool without the need to constantly re-apply. We have other blogs to help you take care of your kinesiology tape and ensure you get the most benefit from it even with a hectic lifestyle!

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