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Why do Professionals Use Kinesiology Tape?

We were interested to learn why many professionals, including physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths, use kinesiology tape in their practice. So we made some enquiries and wanted to share some of the things that we found out.

A Range of Tools

If you’ve been to the osteopath or chiropractor, you will be familiar with the pressure and movements they use to try and assist when you have an injury. It seems that as well as using the traditional practices of osteopathy, chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy, most therapists agree that new tools can enhance their practice and give them more ways to try and help their clients back to total health. All professionals in the medical world subscribe to the theory of continued professional development; it’s a requirement of keeping their licenses. So when new things come along, it gives them a chance to learn about them in a non-clinical setting to see if it would assist their patient practice.

A Variety of Problems

Most professionals also see the fact that everyone is different. For example, some of their clients suffer from injuries caused by the ageing process; others are high and athletes who have injured themselves training or competing. Some of the issues are acute, meaning that they should improve things quickly, whereas others are chronic, and the patient is looking for longer-term support because they know that sadly their condition cannot be cured.

When you visit the garage to have work done on your car, the mechanic will choose his tools depending on what he needs to fix, and the same can be said of healthcare professionals. Kinesiology tape gives another option to draw on when appropriate to give their patients the best possible care.

Shared Knowledge

You will also find that in professional circles, there are communication channels. When a product comes along that achieves outstanding results; it is natural for the practitioner to want to share it with colleagues. Peer to peer recommendation is a definite sign of success. If one of your colleagues is prepared to claim that a product is effective, you know that the recommendation is worth its weight in gold. When you think about the level that Olympian trainers and physiotherapists work at, it becomes easy to see how effective kinesiology tape can be. They’ve tried it more than once, and they still go back to it time and time again because they know that it works and helps their professional athletes heal from injuries and stay in great shape.

Patient Self Care

Finally, a true professional is interested in healing their patient. They are not interested in how many visits they can squeeze out of a person and how much money they can make. They are genuinely concerned with their well-being. Because kinesiology tape is so adaptable, they can show their patients how to replicate the techniques at home, meaning that they heal faster and potentially need fewer sessions. However, this is not bad business practice, far from it. It makes them stand head and shoulders above the competition, and all the patients will recommend them to friends and family.

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