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How does it work?

How does it work?

Kinesiology Sports Tape is premium physiotherapy tape suitable for muscle and joint injuries. It provides essential muscle, tissue, and tendon support that is non-restrictive and helps to reduce pain.

It acts as a second skin: Kinesiology sports tape is designed to mimic the skin's elasticity. The thin, lightweight synthetic material contains spandex which gives it flexibility, enabling you to use your full range of motion.

When applied correctly, the tape can prevent muscles from sending pain signals to the brain and can greatly help the flow of circulation and lymphatic fluid.

Skin is the largest organ on our body, made up of several different parts, including water, protein, lipids (fats), and different minerals and chemicals. Throughout your life, your skin will change, for better or worse. In fact, your skin regenerates itself approximately every 27 days. It’s very important to treat your skin properly to maintain the health and vitality of this crucial organ.

What is the skin’s structure?

Epidermis: The outer layer

The epidermis is the thinnest layer, but it’s responsible for protecting you from the harsh environment, with 5 layers of its own. The epidermis also hosts different types of cells:

  • Keratinocytes, which produce the protein known as keratin, the main component of the epidermis.
  • Melanocytes, which produce your skin pigment, known as melanin.
  • Langerhans cells, which prevent things from getting into your skin.

When the tape is stretched taut and applied to a specific area, it rebounds, making tiny folds in the epidermis which separate it from the underlying deeper muscle tissue.

Synthetic not Cotton - Feel the difference.

Made of a lightweight, thin, and ultra-stretchy blend of synthetic and spandex, its formulation and elastic versatility enables it to bind tightly to the body, without being restrictive.

Kinesiology sports tape acts as a second skin by giving you support, whilst the spandex gives flexibility allowing you to move freely. This makes our tape an ideal alternative to a bandage or brace.

Applying Kinesiology Sports tape “unstretched” to muscles or joints can help reduce swelling and pain. Applying the tape “stretched” to muscles can increase stability, assist muscle contraction and improve joint motion.

Standard strapping tape typically greatly restricts movement, as it's wrapped ultra-tight for the sole purpose of limiting activity in the part of the body it is applied to.

When worn, kinesiology tape feels light, and mimics the thickness and flexibility of human skin, and possesses an elastic stretch of between 40-70% of its resting length.

Heat activated hypoallergenic latex free glue:

The adhesive is applied in a wave like pattern, making it porous and thus allowing your skin to sweat and breath.

To activate, rub with your fingers to cause friction and it will stick to your skin.

The medical-grade adhesive makes Kinesiology Sports Tape suitable for up to five days wear, a marked contrast to standard athletic strapping tape, which normally lasts 3 days and restricts movement.

Kinesiology Sports Tape is Water-Resistant making it perfect for taking showers or going for a swim. The synthetic material used in Kinesiology Sports Tape has water resistant properties, it allows evaporation to occur, so it can dry quickly and can be worn in the shower or swimming pool without the need to constantly re-apply. The tape is also sweat proof, so it will not let you down in the middle of an intense workout.

Dispenser Included with every roll. The dispenser is designed to protect your tape, it is practical, convenient, and easy to use. It will save you time and reduce your wastage.

Kinesiology Sports Tape Precut - Save time and the hassle of rounding off corners. Hand cutting tape from a roll creates imperfections along the cut edges, this can lead to fraying within a couple of days. Our tape comes precut with all the corners perfectly round off so you dont have to waste time trying. This is a massive benefit especially if you are mid-activity or in a competition and dont have the time to take out a roll and start cutting.

Please do a test patch before applying kinesiology sports tape. Our tape is safe but as a precaution we recommend all our customers to do a test first. This way you can avoid any negative or allergic reaction.

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