Black Kinesiology Tape Pre Cut with Dispenser - Talisman - Viking - Horizontal Design

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Black Talisman Viking Kinesiology Sports Tape: Unleash the Power of Ancient Runes and Symbols

Embark on a journey through Norse Mythology with our Black Talisman Viking Kinesiology Sports Tape. This horizontal design tape is a potent fusion of influential runes and ancient Viking symbols, deeply rooted in Norse folklore. Once used by pagans to embody their gods and beliefs, now you can carry their protective essence with you.

Embrace Divine Protection and Positive Energies

Crafted from premium synthetic fibers adorned with powerful symbols, ancient signs, and blessed charms, our sports tape acts as a conduit for divine protection. Talismans have long been revered for attracting positive energies, ushering good luck, health, and prosperity while safeguarding against disease, danger, and supernatural forces.

Effortless Application, Enduring Comfort

Pre-cut into 20 strips (5 cm x 25 cm) and spanning 5 meters, our tape comes with a dispenser, ensuring seamless application. Designed to mimic the skin's elasticity, it provides unrestricted movement without hindrance. Infused with spandex, this lightweight tape offers unparalleled flexibility, serving as an ideal alternative to traditional bandages. Its synthetic composition and superior adhesion ensure durability, lasting up to 1 week without causing discomfort, even during showers or swims.

Sweat-Proof and Shower-Friendly: Your Reliable Companion

Equipped with medical-grade latex-free water-resistant glue, our tape features a wave-pattern adhesive that allows your skin to breathe and sweat freely. Activated with a simple rub, it adheres securely, providing steadfast support even in wet conditions. Whether you're in the midst of an intense workout or a refreshing swim, our tape stands resilient, ensuring unparalleled protection without compromise.

Experience the Viking Legacy: Empower Your Journey

Transform your athletic experience with Black Talisman Viking Kinesiology Sports Tape. Embrace the strength of ancient runes and symbols, enhancing your performance while carrying the legacy of Viking wisdom. Elevate your spirit, protect your body, and embrace the timeless power of the talisman. Experience the fusion of tradition and technology today.


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Kinesiology Sports Tape


1109 TAL-B-5-H-VIK


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  • Kinesiology Sports Tape Health & Fitness Black Kinesiology Tape Pre Cut with Dispenser - Talisman - Viking - Horizontal Design
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