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Bump Support - Kinesiology Taping in Pregnancy

Having a baby is a beautiful experience and the creation of new life. However, the growing bump can place a strain on a mum's body. And pregnancy hormones also change how the ligaments and tendons work as the pelvis has to undergo changes to be ready for the birthing process. This means that backache, hip pain, and other niggles can make the nine months seem a lot longer.

Kinesiology Tape Could Help

As we have said before, kinesiology tape has a wide range of uses and is designed to provide support to the body. So it makes sense that using kinesiology tape to support a burgeoning pump can bring a lot of relief and comfort to the mother. Remember, during the course of pregnancy, you are carrying weight in the centre of your body that can be up to 10 or 11 lb on birth. Add to that the weight of the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby, and it is no wonder it can cause backaches and other issues.

Pubic Symphysis Pain

A common pain that can strike pregnant women is pubic symphysis pain which is directly related to the weight of the baby constantly pressing down in the pelvic area. By using kinesiology tape to support the bump, you can relieve some of this strain. The good news is that applying kinesiology tape is simple and something you will be able to do at home, and each application can last several days

Applying Kinesiology Tape to a Bump

Starting with two pieces of tape, cut them to length to ensure that they reach from under your rib cage across the bump in a diagonal direction and down to your opposite hip bone. Then apply a second piece of tape from the opposite rib to the hip to create a large X across the abdomen. Now, two shorter tape pieces are used to each side of the stomach in an upwards diagonal direction. Start by placing the tape on the end of one of the previous pieces and take it up parallel towards the outside of the abdomen with the piece above, so essentially, you create an X with two kicked feet on each end. This is just one application and more can be found here on our pregnancy page!

Application and Care

Remember that the area needs to be free from hair, no matter how fine it is, before you apply the kinesiology tape. If necessary, shave the area first. It is OK to wear kinesiology tape in the shower; you just need to ensure that you gently pat it dry afterwards and don't hold it under the direct flow of water. Always apply your kinesiology tape at least an hour before you intend to get it wet in order for the bond to form nicely against the skin.

The tape is designed to be hypoallergenic and not irritate the skin, however, if you have particularly sensitive skin, you can always use a tiny piece of tape and leave it on for 24 hours before you apply the full pregnancy taping to see if you have any reaction,

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