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Tape Not Stinking? Read this!

There are numerous benefits to kinesiology sports tape. Using our product can help with many issues, from circulation improvements to lymphatic drainage, support, pain relief and a reduction in swelling and inflammation. It does all this without having to restrict movement, which is why it is so popular with athletes. An application of KT tape can last for around 3-5 days, and it will be working hard to support the body the whole time - provided you get good adhesion on that first application. Here is a quick reminder of how to get the best from your tape.

1. Start With Clean Skin

Before you apply the tape, you need to clean the skin. You want to remove any residue from not only products like lotion and make-up but also the natural oil from the skin. The best way to do this is by using rubbing alcohol or a hand sanitiser. Make sure the skin is dry before you try and apply the tape, however.

2. Don’t Touch!

The backing paper is designed to help with the application, so you do not need to touch the adhesive. You will find you can tear the backing paper along the width at any point - which means you can free up your anchor and secure that before you have to remove any more. When you are ready to apply the rest, with or without stretch, you can then gradually peel back the backing making sure you get a good stick as you go.

3. Tape on Tape

Some applications will call for you to apply tape in a cross-over way. This means one piece of tape will be partially stuck on another. In this case, it is really important that you get a good stick on either end that is attached to the skin. The tape sticks better to the skin than it does to itself.

4. Activate the Tape

The glue is designed to be heat activated, so once you have it in place, you can activate it by rubbing it vigorously. Start at the middle and work out to the edges, so you do not catch the edges and pull them up.

5. Think Anchors

One of the reasons we are so obsessed with anchors is because it helps to ensure the best adhesion. No matter what taping pattern or cut you are using, you need to leave the last 2 inches stretch free. This is your anchor, and it will be the best way to secure each piece of tape.

6. Remove Excess Hair

The tape will have issues adhering well to areas that are particularly hairy. It is better to shave the area before the application, even if you don’t feel that there is much hair to concern you!

7. Wait!

Once you have applied the tape, give it some time, especially if you are planning to go swimming or need to shower. Although once well stuck, the tape can cope with water; it is best to give it the time to settle first. If you get the tape wet, just pat it dry with a towel or use a hairdryer on a very low heat setting.

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