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6 Tips to Prevent Injury When Running

We know that kinesiology sports tape is excellent at supporting the body if you have injured yourself in any way. During the recovery process, you are going to want to start exercising again, and it’s important that you don’t hurt yourself.

So, strap up the injured area with our fantastic tape (don’t forget, there are loads of instructions on the website for typing every part of the body) and use these great tips to make sure you don’t get any more problems along the way.

1. Warm Up

It can be all too easy to hit the ground running if you’ll excuse the pun and jump straight into charging along at full speed. However, it is utterly vital that you warm up before you run. This includes light exercises, stretching and some gentle jogging so that your muscles are prepared for the high-intensity run that’s coming next.

2. Think Support

No matter how hot it is outside or what outfit you are wearing, there is no excuse for trying to run in flimsy-soled shoes or flip-flops. You need to invest in a pair of proper running shoes. And that’s important because not all trainers are designed for running. So make sure you have the proper support on your feet by purchasing some running shoes for all of your running activities.

3. Start Slow

One of the reasons that the Couch to 5K program is so popular is because it understands how we should be running. It’s important that you start small and only increase the duration and intensity of your workouts at a gradual pace. If you are in any doubt, this is an excellent program that can be downloaded for free and gives you plenty of pointers on getting started with running.

4. Posture and Gait

Your running technique is also really important. Lots of people have good posture when they are standing or walking, but due to the physical intensity of running, posture completely slips. You need to make sure you are still standing upright, not slouching, and with each strike of the foot on the floor, you are landing in the middle of your foot.

5. Build in Rest Days

Even world-champion marathon runners have a break every now and then. No matter what your exercise program is, you need to build in a rest day here and there to enable your body to recover. If needs be, and you really cannot bear the thought of doing nothing for the day, do something else like swimming or cycling because both of these are low impact and help to reduce any strain on your joints and muscles. However, rest days are, by far and away, the best way to train properly.

6. Stay Hydrated 

Another important part of exercise is hydration. You really should carry water with you at all times, either in a bottle or a bladder, and be sure to hydrate yourself regularly. This needs to be done in order to prevent cramps and make sure that you are looking after your bodily functions.

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