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Upper Back Pain

Upper Back Pain

Typical reasons for back pain are bad posture when lifting heavy objects, sitting for long periods which impacts your spine, or muscle sprain from over-exertion.

If your back muscles are weak, or inflexible, you will lack stamina when performing activities that place a strain on your back, which can cause joint destabilisation, slipped spinal discs, and ligament or muscle damage.

To strengthen this area and encourage the muscles to strengthen and become limber, you should aim to support both the middle back muscles and the spine region.


Ensure your skin is washed and dry, and the area you want to apply the tape to is shaved.

Prepare the strips of tape by cutting to the appropriate length.

Remember to activate the tape by rubbing slightly to encourage the heat-sensitive adhesive to bond to your skin.

Please do a test patch before applying kinesiology sports tape. Our tape is safe but as a precaution we recommend all our customers to do a test first. This way you can avoid any negative or allergic reaction.

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