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Foot Pain

Foot Pain


The plantar fascia is located on the surface of your heel bone and is a tough fibre rich band of tissue that extends out along the sole towards the toes. Its role is to mitigate the arch of your feet, and prevent over-flattening, which would lead to excess strain being placed on your foot.

If this critical area on your body gets damaged or is subject to undue wear or stress, you can experience the painful condition known as plantar fascitiis. The condition is commonly experienced by athletes involved in sports that have a high impact on the feet, particularly runners or athletes that use their toe to run rather than the heel region.


Flex your toes so that they point upward towards your shin, then apply a strip of tape with a 50% stretch all along the bottom of foot, extending it up the back of your heel.

Take another strip of tape, this time with an 80% stretch and apply it from inside your ankle.

Finally, take one more strip with an 80% stretch and place across the other two strips to secure.

Please do a test patch before applying kinesiology sports tape. Our tape is safe but as a precaution we recommend all our customers to do a test first. This way you can avoid any negative or allergic reaction.

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