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Stomach Pain

Stomach Pain


Your abdominals are part of a key group of muscles that form the body's core strength, and exist to support you during movement and shifts in posture.

Strengthening your body's core muscles will help you achieve better balance during activity, and will also aid your stamina and endurance, which is par0cularly helpful if you are physically active, or play sports a lot.

The use of KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE in this region of the body can help to support your abdominal muscles, spine, and lower back. We recommend you wear the tape both when active and resting, as it will continuously work to limber and support the muscles in this region.

After you have been wearing the tape continuously for a while, you may find it much easier to perform tasks such as squatting for long periods, or picking things up while crouching down or bending over.

Please do a test patch before applying kinesiology sports tape. Our tape is safe but as a precaution we recommend all our customers to do a test first. This way you can avoid any negative or allergic reaction.

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