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Your Guide to Upper Leg Pain or Strain


Groin injury or strain can occur frequently in athletes who play sports involving high impact or velocity, such as hurdles, sprin0ng, and long jump.

Since the groin muscles are used frequently during movement, they can be subject to a lot of daily wear and tear. To top this off, they are also interlaced with the joints of the pelvis and lumbosacral spine region, making the area a complex part of the body that can often be difficult to treat and diagnose.

Any injury you experience here could be located in several sub-regions, including your hip or sacroiliac joints, lower lumbar region, and the pubic area.


Your quadriceps are located at the front of your thigh and consist of four big muscles that help your hip and leg flex and extend from the knee.

The most typical reason for experiencing pain in this region is high impact physical activity, such as springing or jumping, which can cause these muscles to incur any tears and damage.

Injury to this area causes you to feel a nagging pain, tenderness or soreness, which can be relieved by suppor0ng the area and decreasing the pressure placed on the muscles and tendons.

You can use KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE to relieve pain in this area by applying and wearing it daily to boost the circulation and decompress.

Decompressing the area can help to ease pain, by reducing the load carried by the muscles, many people find the tape to be a very effective treatment that can help them heal much faster.

Hamstring Pain

The hamstring area is extremely prone to injury, which can be excruciating for those who are unfortunate to experience damage in this part of the body.


Failure to warm up before undertaking physical exercise, and sudden bursts of activity, like springing, are typical reasons why injury to this area often occurs.

Ripping or tearing the hamstring area causes painful inflammation, which can often take some considerable time to heal.

You may need to avoid intense physical activity if you have injured your hamstring, but by taping the area with KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE, you can provide the damaged area with some much needed support.


Ensure your skin is washed and dry, and the area you want to apply the tape to is shaved.

Prepare the strips of tape by cutting to the appropriate length.

Remember to activate the tape by rubbing slightly to encourage the heat-sensitive adhesive to bond to your skin.

Quads : Extend the damaged leg behind you, and place your body in a forward position, that enables you to elongate your hamstrings, as if you were performing a lunge. Then take two strips of KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE, and place them on the quad area, to provide support and relieve pressure.

Hamstrings: Place the leg that is experiencing the pain behind you, and position your body forward, in a lunge, so as to stretch the muscles. Take two strips of KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE, with a 25% stretch applied, and place over the injured hamstring area.

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