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The Science Behind Kinesiology Sports Tape

Have you ever wondered how your sports tape works? Everybody understands that when you apply the tape, there’s usually pain relief, and you have mobility, but how does it actually work? What is the science behind the tape? Well, we wanted to answer that, so we put on some goggles, headed to the laboratory, and ran some tests.

As a result, we know what the science behind kinesiology sports tape is, which is why we are going to explain it to you. Don’t worry; if you were never good at science in school, you don’t need anything here. We will make sure it is explained in a very easy, simple way, so let’s get started.

The Science of Pain 

Now then, let’s get going by taking a look at the science behind pain. What really happens when you pull a muscle or stub your toe?

Well, the instinctive response for your body is to trigger inflammation in the area. This is the body responding to stimuli. However, when your lymphatic and fluid system, which is all over your body, is congested with this inflammation, chemicals build up in what we call the interstitial space. This is, essentially, a fluid-filled area between your cell membrane and skin and muscles. This is why you feel pain.

So, What Does Sports Tape Do?

Okay, so what does the kinesiology sports tape actually do to help with pain?

Well, what the tape does is essentially lift the skin on your body away from the tissue on a microscopic level. This helps to flush out all of that lymphatic drainage that we talked about. All of these chemicals get flushed away, which reduces the pain. You can’t see it happening, but it does take place.

Hey, That’s Pretty Neat! 

Yeah, we think it is pretty neat as well. That’s why kinesiology sports tape works in the way it does because it provides the skin with a chance to lift away from inflamed tissue. It’s better than wrapping yourself up in a cast for minor injuries because you still have the range of motion that you need for everyday tasks, and while it is not a miracle cure and can’t take away the pain of a broken leg, it can help with pulled muscles and sore areas.

Thankfully, kinesiology sports tape is pretty good at what it does, so the chances of it not working are very slim.


Final Thoughts 

So, that concludes today’s lesson on why kinesiology sports tape works in the way it does. We expect a full report about what you learned on the desk by Monday. Just kidding. 


However, something that we do hope you do is check out the kinesiology sports tape for yourself. It’s an amazing resource used by athletes, runners, boxers, and ordinary people who just need a bit of mobility whilst taking some of the pain away. Luckily, we have plenty of choices, so it’s not exactly difficult for you to get access to the best options. Take a look at what’s available and see for yourself.

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