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Let's Talk About PRECAUTIONS
Before using KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor or therapist if you suffer from an already diagnosed condition. Before applying, make sure you run a patch test on a small area of skin in the area of your body you will be treating.
This is to see if you have any allergic reaction or irritation to the product.
If you do begin to experience any type of irritation, rash, or swelling, remove the tape and immediately consult your doctor.
DO NOT continue to use KINESIOLOGY SPORS TAPE if you have
any itching, redness, soreness or swelling during the patch test phase.

If the patch test is fine, and you do not suffer any irritation, you can go ahead and apply 
Make sure you do not place the tape over any open wounds or sores, and do not use on any infected area, or on a deep vein thrombosis. KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE can be safe to use during pregnancy, and can even help to ease some pregnancy related discomfort by supporting the extra weight around your abdominal area.
However, as it can also boost circulation, to be safe, consult your medical practitioner before applying. If you are expecting, always do a patch test first and check to see if you experience any bruising, or inflammation. If you suffer any adverse reaction at all, remove immediately and do not proceed to
use the product.

For sensitive skin, take care to use extra care when removing KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE, so as to avoid tearing or bruising. Use a mild soap and warm water mixture to encourage removal and do not rip, pull, or yank the tape off severely.
If you are taking blood thinner medications, make sure to inspect your skin for bruising while using KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE, as the product can increase circulation. To be certain you will experience no ill effects, consult your doctor before applying.
Follow the taping methods outlined in this guide to ensure best application of KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE.
However, bear in mind this guide is only advisory, and is not intended to replace the advice and expertise of a qualified medical practitioner. If you are suffering from muscle or joint pain, be aware this could indicate a serious medical condition. With that in mind so we advise you to always see your doctor before using our product, if at all possible.

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