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How to Apply Kinesiology Tape

Applying kinesiology sports tape could not be easier. We try to offer as much information as possible for you to read through. The bottom line is practice will help you achieve the best application every time.

Sometimes you might need to get a friend or family member to help you, but our instructions are designed to be straightforward and easy to follow. We also have a free PDF guide which you can find in our shop, available for download so that you can refer back to it at any time. If you follow the instructions we have provided, you should not have any problems applying your kinesiology tape.

  1. First of all decide upon the location that you are going to apply the tape to. You will find lots of information on the website about how to apply the tape and how to cut the tape in order to provide relief from whatever disorder or condition you are suffering from.

  1. Begin by washing and drying the skin really well. Kinesiology tape does not stick well to her and even if you think you don’t have much in the area we advise you to shave before applying. Once your skin is washed and dry you should use something like surgical spirit which is a decreasing agent and clean the skin once more. This is helpful to ensure that no oils or grease from your skin are present before you apply the tape. Make sure that this has dried well before you continue with the application.

  1. Now cut the tape to the required length for the application you have decided upon. You will need to prepare the tape and we have cutting guides available to help you understand what each shape means and is used for. The ends of the corners of the tape should be rounded with scissors.

  1. Each piece of tape includes an anchor that is approximately 1.5 inches at either end and these points are never stretched when we suggest the amount you need to stretch the tape. Always place the anchors on the skin flat with no stretch and then use your hand to hold that piece in place while you stretch the rest of the tape. The tape will not tear, it is very durable and flexible.

  1. Before starting the application, get used to the feel of the tape as you stretch it. If the instructions say 0% stretch then you apply the tape flat. If the instructions say 100% stretch you pull it as taught as you possibly can. It is up to you to gauge how much stretch is needed based on the percentage you are given.

Using the guide you have chosen, follow the application method trying to ensure that you place it level on the skin. Once you are confident you know where it is going, place the anchors on the skin by removing the backing paper just enough to do so. Now complete the required stretch, and remove all the backing paper to get the tape to lie flat on the skin making sure you don’t create any wrinkles as this will lead to the tape not adhering well and potential for sores or blisters to form.

  1. Finish the application by rubbing the area to warm up and activate the self-adhesive heat sensitive type. This will ensure that you get a good bond to the skin. Do not wash or sweat for the first hour after applying the tape and you will have a bond that will last few days

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