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Q) Help, the tape isn’t adhering correctly to my skin! How can I make it stick? 

A) If KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE isn’t sticking to your skin effectively, first shave the area you want to apply the tape to, then clean all grease, oil, and product residue from your skin. You can use an alcohol-based product like surgical spirit to do this, but ensure any product to sanitise and degrease the area is safe to use on your body first. This degreasing step is significant if you live in an area with normally humid weather conditions or milder climates during the summer season. 

Take care to apply the tape approximately 30 minutes before you need it to ensure optimal longevity. 

Make sure you’ve rounded off the corners of the tape with a pair of scissors. 

Ensure you have placed your tape anchors to secure and support the treatment strip and that they have been applied without any stretch. 

If the treatment area has a high amount of stress or will experience a lot of movement, you will likely need more than a 1.5” anchor. In this case, we recommend you try a 2” or even 2.5” anchor. 

Avoid finishing one strip of the tape on another, ensuring you place the end securely and smoothly on your skin instead. 

Make sure you activate the adhesive straight after applying by either rubbing the tape briskly or applying warmth. This is essential to encourage the tape to stick and bind to your skin. 

Avoid touching the adhesive layer with your fingers and make sure you place the tape evenly on your skin, checking to ensure you have not leave any wrinkles or bumps. 


Q) Will I experience any allergic reactions from using KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE? 

A) Though we have taken great care to create the safest product possible and have tested KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE extensively to ensure it is ideal for use on the delicate epidermis, some people with sensitive skin may still experience irritation when using this product. 

This largely depends on the individual and their unique biology, so we cannot give any guarantees against any allergic reaction suffered. However, we have designed KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE to be as gentle as possible. If you follow the advice outlined in this guide, including the important safety instructions, you will minimise or avoid any reaction. 

Q) Can I go swimming or get in the shower while wearing the tape without it coming off? 

A) KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE has been designed to be water resistant, so you can wear it while swimming or showering without it normally coming loose. However, please remember that immersing it in water will decrease the longevity of wear, as it can cause the adhesive formulation to break down and dissolve. 


As well, covering the area in KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE will not stop water from soaking through to the skin beneath, so if it is essential, you avoid getting the skin area wet, do not get into a pool, shower, bath, or use something waterproof to cover the area. 

Q) How long can I expect the tape to stay on without reapplying it? 

A) The duration of time you will be able to wear KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE will come down to a combination of different things, including whether you have thoroughly removed oil and grease from the area before applying the product, your application technique, the part of the body you are using it for, and whether or not you have shaved the treatment area. 

High impact areas such as the foot or knee will be under more duress, which will result in shorter longevity before reapplication is necessary. 

Locations like shoulders or back can last much longer, though you should never leave the tape on your skin for more than five consecutive days. For the first application, we recommend only wearing the tape for a brief period, so you have the chance to see if you experience any adverse reactions. 

Q) Why am I experiencing blisters or chafing after using KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE? 

A) Irritation can happen while wearing the product if you have applied an incorrect stretch, overstretched the tape, or have made the mistake of stretching your tape anchors, which must always be applied with zero stretches. 

It can also occur because of skin sensitivity, and this can vary greatly depending on your skin’s reaction to the tape. Therefore, read the instructions in this guide carefully and apply as directed for the part of the body and condition you wish to treat. 

If the instructions state a 100% stretch is required, but you are experiencing blisters or soreness, you can try wearing the tape with a decreased percentage of stretch until your skin heals. 

Q) Why did my skin become irritated or damaged after wearing KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE? 

A) If you are experiencing skin irritation after removing the tape, try a gentler removal method to minimise soreness and inflammation. 

If the tape is still sticking securely to your skin after five days of wear and is not peeling off easily, soak it in olive or baby oil for around 15 minutes before slowly removing it. Wherever possible, remove KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE in a cool, dry environment, as excess humidity can create issues with the heat-activated adhesive, making it congeal as it comes away from your skin. 

When you remove KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE, ensure you peel it back slowly at a slight angle against the tape that is still lying on your skin. 

Hold your skin taut with your other hand and press on the skin at the end of the taped area while peeling the tape back gently. For an optimum removal process without any issues, please follow all the tape removal steps outlined in this guide. 


Q) There are different colours of KINESIOLOGY TAPE; do these have specific treatment effects? 

A) The short answer is no. The different tape colours are solely there for aesthetic reasons; there is no difference in the treatment properties of the tape, no matter what colour it is. 


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