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Got Shin Splints? Try Kinesiology Sports Tape

If you’re a runner, then you probably don’t want to have to deal with shin splints. They’re a pain, and they hurt a lot. However, if you’re struggling to deal with this common problem, then you might be wise to try kinesiology sports tape, which can help a lot with aches, pains and general injuries. 

We’re not suggesting that kinesiology sports tape can solve all your problems or that it's a medical substitute for rest and recovery (we’re never suggesting that), but you can definitely use it for a lot of things. Let’s take a look at what you need to know. 

What Does Sports Tape Do?

So let’s talk for five minutes about what kinesiology sports tape does and why it’s a useful item to have in your sports bag. 

Kinesiology sports tape is designed for a simple purpose. You use it as a way to strengthen and support your body. The sports tape acts like a brace or support without being restrictive and uncomfortable. You’re free to move around and retain your mobility, but you don’t have to worry about not getting support. 

Can Sports Tape Help My Shin Splints?

So, when you overload all of the muscles located in the front of your shin, you get what is called a shin splint. It’s a pain in the tendons, bones, and muscles.

Now obviously, this isn’t something you’ll want to deal with. We use kinesiology sports tape to try and remedy the issue by lifting away the superficial tissue, which can help a lot with healing. It encourages the body to remove waste products generated during healing from the affected area. It also helps a lot with stimulating the nerve endings that relax the body. Again, this can help to promote healing.

Sports tape is light and flexible, which helps a lot with moving around. You can easily keep active, but we do caution you to try and keep such activity light to protect your body. Kinesiology sports tape is a great tool, and it can help you a lot with protecting your body from the risk of further harm, but it’s also worth noting that it is not a substitute for other recovery and healing methods. If you have a particularly nasty shin splint, then, of course you will want to ensure that you take time and effort to keep your body from the risk of further injury. 

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to shin splints, we can recommend kinesiology sports tape to help with mobility and improve your overall recovery. It’s not a way to avoid resting the injury, but when you need to move around slightly, it’s a good bet. We can help a lot with sports tape because we have a lot of different styles and options available so you’ll be able to experiment with what’s on offer. There’s plenty to choose from which is good because you’ll want something to match your fashion. 



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