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Caring for Kinesiology Tape in Wet Conditions

One of the reasons that professional sportspeople and athletes like kinesiology tape is because it is durable and can last between applications. You are probably used to seeing athletes with brightly coloured tape on their knees or legs, shoulders and backs pretty much anywhere. Kinesiology tape is designed to provide support to their joints and muscles and yet at the same time allow them to move freely. They would not be able to continue to compete or train if they were traditionally strapped up in support items, but kinesiology tape is different; it allows you to move as if it wasn’t there and yet offers an incredible amount of support.

Wet Conditions

We are often asked if kinesiology tape is restrictive when it comes to sports and other activities that require the participant to get wet. Although kinesiology tape is not classed as waterproof, it is water-resistant and should not damage when wet, providing you look after it properly. This is one of the reasons why your application can last more than one day. You can shower and clean yourself without having to remove the tape. Part of the process of ensuring that the tape does not come off is the correct application in the beginning, and we have another blog that will detail how to get the best possible adhesion. The properties of the tape are such that the water encountered in the shower, training in rainy conditions, or having a water-based sport mean that the sticky component will not deteriorate just because it got wet.

So even if you sweat a lot or take daily showers, you are unlikely to cause the tape to come off. However, we do advise avoiding directly lathering soap over the area or using running water in that specific area.

After Shower Care

When you step out of the shower or come back from your run, simply Pat the tape dry with a towel, it is also essential that if you are using kinesiology tape, you apply it to the affected area an hour before you plan to work out or shower. This gives it a chance to set in place nicely. If you are concerned that your tape is too wet, you can use a hairdryer on a low heat. Because the adhesive responds to heat, a very hot hairdryer could create a bond that is hard to remove and damage the skin when doing so. A standard application of kinesiology tape will not damage the skin when removed.

The Tape Came Off

If your tape does come off when showering or exercising, it is likely that it hasn’t bonded properly to your skin on application. Your skin must be dry when you apply the tape. Therefore it should not be applied straight after exercising or having a shower. When you read the guide to applying your tape correctly, you will learn more about the heat process that helps it adhere. However, if you have correctly used the tape, you should not have any problems with it getting wet in the shower or a workout.

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