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Can I Use Multi Tape Applications?

Another great feature of kinesiology tape is the fact that it can be used anywhere on the body. This means you can use it in more than one area at the same time. So if you are suffering from knee and back pain feel free to tape both areas.

Does Not Impede Movement

Kinesiology tape is designed to allow the body part to move as normal. It does not impede your natural movement in any way but instead supports any muscles or body parts that are suffering from pain, fatigue or strain. Some people have described it as like wearing a second skin and they Can forget they are even wearing it most of the time. When applied correctly it does nothing but support the body. So if you need to use it in more than one place there is no reason why not.

Different Types of Taping

You will also find that different types of typing can be applied, depending on whether you are looking to support the body part or get the lymphatic system working better. Sometimes these taping templates are for the same part of the body but require a different stretch to do a different job. In this case if needed you can actually apply both sets of taping to create not only support but lymphatic drainage as well.

Used by Athletes

This is one of the reasons why kinesiology tape is so popular with athletes and competitive sports men and women. They are able to train through minor injuries, and use the tape in various different ways to provide the best level of support to enable them to keep going. While there is some merit in resting in order to ensure they don’t lose fitness they need to be able to keep training.

Learn More

On the website we have a whole host of information that we have put together to enable you to get the best out of your kinesiology tape. There is a free guide to the product available to download in our shop, and it provides you with lots of information including the origins of kinesiology tape, the correct application, and many different typing guides for various body parts and ailments.

Getting the Best from Your Kinesiology Tape

Aside from using the best type possible, which is what we have worked really hard to ensure we can provide you, it is imperative that it is applied correctly.

Take the time to read the appropriate guide for the condition you are hoping to use the tape for and follow the application instructions carefully including ensuring that the area is clean, dry and free from hair.

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