Black Kinesiology Tape Pre Cut with Dispenser - Talisman - Viking - Horizontal Design

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Black Talisman - Viking - Horizontal Design - Synthetic 5 metre - Pre-cut 20 Strips

This talisman is a comprehensive collection of the most powerful runes and ancient Viking symbols that appear throughout Norse Mythology. The pagans used symbols to represent their gods, beliefs, and myths. They believed that these symbols would protect them and grant them victories in battle.

Talisman Kinesiology Sports Tape

Premium Synthetic Kinesiology sports tape with imagery consisting of powerful symbols, ancient signs and blessed charms. This collection draws on the earliest cultures, beliefs, and mythologies from around the world.

Talismans function as a conduit for divine protection, attracting positive energies to the wearer, bringing them good luck, health, and prosperity. They also serve to deflect disease, danger and keep away evil or the supernatural.

Pre-cut Synthetic Kinesiology Sports Tape with dispenser; Each strip is 5 cm x 25 cm pre-cut into "I" strips.

There are 20 Strips on each roll, the total length of the roll is 5 metres and comes with its own dispenser making our tape easier to apply and convenient to manage.

Acts as a second skin for extra muscle support:

Kinesiology sports tape is designed to mimic the skin's elasticity, unlike medical bandages it does not restrict movements. The thin, lightweight synthetic material contains spandex which gives it flexibility, enabling you to use your full range of motion. This makes our tape an ideal alternative to a bandage or brace and gives it the durability to last for up to 1 week without any uncomfortable feeling.

Synthetic for extra comfort and stronger protection:

Synthetic fibres can be comfortably worn in a shower, in the rain or when you go for a swim, they dry faster than cotton and are not only stronger but are also naturally antimicrobial. They also have improved adhesion over cotton and can stick to the affected area better, this prevents any gaps from occurring where sweat would fray the material. This allows our tape to perform for up to 1 week without causing irritation or discomfort.

Medical grade latex-free water-resistant glue:

The adhesive is applied in a wave pattern, making it porous and thus allowing your skin to sweat and breath. To activate, rub with your fingers to cause friction and it will stick to your skin. Kinesiology sports tape is water-resistant making it perfect for taking showers or going for a swim. The tape is sweat proof, so it will not let you down in the middle of an intense workout.


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Kinesiology Sports Tape


1109 TAL-B-5-H-VIK


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