Grey Kinesiology Tape Pre Cut with Dispenser

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Unlock Peak Performance with Grey Kinesiology Sports Tape: Your Ultimate Muscle and Physiotherapy Support

Are you on the lookout for robust support during your workouts or superior medical-grade assistance for your recovery? Your search ends with our Grey Kinesiology Sports Tape. Each roll, meticulously pre-cut into 20 strips measuring 5 cm x 25 cm, comes with its dispenser, ensuring effortless application and seamless management.

Acts as Your Second Skin, Amplifying Muscle and Physiotherapy Support

Crafted to emulate the skin's natural elasticity, our Grey Kinesiology Sports Tape offers unparalleled freedom of movement, distinguishing itself from traditional medical bandages. Infused with spandex, this lightweight synthetic marvel grants complete flexibility, allowing your body's full range of motion. Unlike bandages or braces, it enables unrestricted movement, providing durable support for up to 1 week without causing discomfort, making it the go-to choice for both muscle and physiotherapy needs.

Synthetic Brilliance: Comfort, Strength, and Hygiene

Harnessing the power of synthetic fibers over cotton, our tape dries swiftly, ensuring exceptional comfort even during showers, rainy conditions, or swims. Its advanced adhesion technology prevents gaps, ensuring unwavering support for up to 1 week without irritation. The incorporation of spandex delivers unmatched flexibility, making it an optimal alternative to conventional options, whether for muscle support or physiotherapy.

Medical-Grade Latex-Free Water-Resistant Glue: Unparalleled Adhesion

Our Grey Kinesiology Sports Tape boasts medical-grade latex-free water-resistant glue, meticulously applied in a porous wave pattern. This adhesive guarantees secure attachment, even during intense workouts or aquatic activities. A simple rub activates the adhesive, providing steadfast support without compromise, making it the ideal choice for muscle, physiotherapy, and other therapeutic needs.

Optimal Skin Preparation for Maximum Effectiveness

Prepare your skin effectively before applying the tape for optimal results:

  1. Cleansing: Thoroughly cleanse your skin with soap or alcohol, ensuring it's dry and free from lotions, oils, or creams.
  2. Shaving: Particularly in hairy areas, shaving promotes optimal adhesion, allowing the tape to perform at its best.
  3. Application: Use clean, dry hands during application to maximize effectiveness and adherence, ensuring superior muscle, physiotherapy, and overall therapeutic support.

Empower your active lifestyle with our Grey Kinesiology Sports Tape, the ultimate choice for muscle support, physiotherapy, and therapeutic assistance. With unrestricted movements, superior protection, and enduring support, this tape allows you to push your boundaries without limitations. Elevate your performance today and embrace the comfort and durability that redefine your athletic and therapeutic endeavors.


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Kinesiology Sports Tape


1009 SYN-J-5


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  • Kinesiology Sports Tape Health & Fitness Grey Kinesiology Tape Pre Cut with Dispenser
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