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Kinesiology Sports Tape - The Invisible Bra

I bet you didn’t know that your sports tape could do this! Have you ever seen those dresses on women at big movie events where they don’t seem to be wearing a bra, but their cleavage looks magnificent? Yeah, okay, you probably have. It’s usually the envy of women and the amazement of the guys, but did you know there’s a trick to doing it? 

That’s right. There’s a hack, and if you’re a sharp cookie, you might be able to work out what it’s all about. 

The Tape Trick 

So, in one form or another, this hack has existed for a while. It’s called the tape trick, and it’s all about using tape to support the breasts, pushing them up, and providing them with the support they need to look magnificent. 

Unfortunately, this little trick can have a slight drawback because it’s painful as hell to deal with. The tape forms a very tight bind which hurts to remove, meaning that it’s often an unfortunate end to the night. 

Sports Tape - The Solution

Thankfully, there is a solution to try and remedy this great pain that people experience. The answer, in case you hadn’t figured it out, is kinesiology sports tape. 

The sports tape is a practical and convenient way for people to experiment with what’s on offer and manage to support their bodies without experiencing incredible pain in the name of fashion. 

Our sports tape forms an adhesive that binds to the skin much more malleable, and it won’t rip off and cause distress. However, it is just as strong, supports the body in the same way, and means that you can try that dress idea you’ve seen on the screen. 

Most people assume that sports tape is just for fixing injuries and helping the body. While it does do that, it’s not all it does. Another great benefit of sports tape is that it allows you to support body parts without causing them any undue pressure. People use it to support themselves while lifting weights, and you can use it for this too. It’s not painful or restrictive, either. Sports tape is made to allow you a full range of motion while attached, so you don’t even have to worry. 

Final Thoughts 

Having sports tape as an effective hack for getting that great neckline is something that many women do. It’s easy enough to figure out and isn’t that difficult to apply either. 

It’s an easy one to do, and you’ve got a lot of options for it. Getting the best results involves taking the time to experiment with the options available, and you’ll be fine doing it. 

At Kinesiology Sports Tape, we’ve got a lot of different choices on offer for your preferences. You’re welcome to explore the full range and see for yourself. Ultimately, we can help you with getting the best options, so why not take a look? It’s easy and means you don’t have to worry.

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