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Why We Love Precut Kinesiology Tape

Scrolling back a few years ago, kinesiology sports tape only came in rolls, a single long strip of tape wound into a Sellotape-like continuous roll. You would need to measure the length required, cut the tape, shape the ends, and much more. But thankfully technology has moved on and now we have sourced and will be supplying pre-cut kinesiology tape. We believe this is far superior than having to cut your own so will have a look at some of the reasons why this is.

Easier to Apply

When kinesiology tape first came onto the market it was a professional kind of thing. Patients would visit a physiotherapist or sports practitioner and they would apply the tape to the affected area of the body. Part of the reason why this needed to be done in a professional setting was because it took a long time to prepare the tape and cut it. Having pre-cut tape has completely revolutionised the at home ability and use of kinesiology tape. It is now accessible to everyone and anyone can learn to apply it from the comfort of their own home.

Simple to Use

Combined with our pre-cut tape we have also put together an easy to follow cutting guide. The pre-cut strips have eliminated the issue of shaping the ends and getting tape from a roll, but sometimes you do need to cut your tape into a fan,Y, or X pattern and we will show you how to do that. This means that precut kinesiology tape is much simpler again making this a winning product for complete beginners at home.


If you are taking part in a game or match, or attending a training session pre-cut tape is convenient as you can carry it with you on our easy to store rolls and you don’t even need to take scissors. A basic first-aid type support can be created in minutes by just pulling a couple of strips of tape free from the holder. It means there is no danger of being damaged in transit and they are ready to go in seconds.

No Loss of Function

Most importantly, are pre-cut strips still offer the same flexibility and benefits that you would expect from any type. In fact the synthetic nature of our type ensures that you are getting a superior performance every single time you use the tape. The glue is heat sensitive and can be activated by simply rubbing the strip against the skin to create that important seal and adhesion to the skin. The glue that we use means that one application can last up to 5 days making it convenient for you to carry on with your life as normal even if you are using kinesiology tape to support an injury.

We have a wide range of colours, and our new Talisman collection which comes with some pretty awesome patterns that have significance for healing and these are going to be discussed in more detail in our Talisman series of blogs coming soon.

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