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Why Synthetic Kinesiology Tape is Better Than Cotton

This might sound a little crazy, because normally the most natural products are considered the right way to go. But when it comes to developing our kinesiology sports tape we wanted to get the absolute best for you. So for that reason we have synthetic rather than cotton kinesiology tape and there are lots of reasons for this.

It Works Better

There is simply no denying that synthetic kinesiology tape is better than cotton tape. First of all we have to consider the glue as this is a vital part of how kinesiology tape works. The sticking properties of the synthetic tape are far superior to cotton versions. It is important to us that the tape stays on no matter whether the wearer is using it in wet or dry conditions and we found during testing that cotton tape would come off a lot easier if you were sweating whilst wearing it. It also struggled to keep up with the full range of motion of the body and came loose in many situations. The stability of synthetic tape is a reason in itself to stick with that method of production but you can also add to it the fact it is more flexible and more comfortable to wear.

It’s More Comfortable

There is also no denying the comfort factor. The synthetic type is latex free and has a low allergen potential and has 100% synthetic elastic. In testing it simply just feels better on the skin and because we also have pre-cut strips it gives you a lot more flexibility and once applied becomes invisible like a second skin.

Increased Durability

Synthetic kinesiology tape is also more durable. It stayed in place better than cotton versions and even under weighted exercise did not move. Well we still recommend that you shave the area you are applying the tape to. The overall adhesiveness is far better than cotton versions. We wanted to ensure that no matter what sport you enjoy you are still able to do so well using kinesiology tape. We are happy that our tape will stay put even for those who enjoy water-based sports like swimming and diving.

Simply the Best

So, we haven’t gone mad, it’s not that we don’t like using natural materials, it is simply that in this case to get the best performance from kinesiology tape studies have shown it needs to be synthetic rather than cotton. Have a look at the wide range of colours and patterns on offer in our shop, and we are especially proud of our talisman collection which adds an element of personal protection with symbolism to your healing process.

To ensure that you get the best experience possible from our kinesiology tape please do have a look at our application guide and if you want to learn more about the history of typing and many different techniques used why not download a free PDF guide that is available in our shop.

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