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Should You Ice an Injury?

Deciding whether or not you’re going to want to add ice to an injury is a core part of whether or not it recovers quickly. 

The way that people treat injuries is changing all the time as new research emerges. Therefore, it’s not that surprising when people get confused about using ice. 

Using R.I.C.E 

When it comes to using ice as part of immediately treating injuries, most people will know the RICE method. This refers to resting the injured area, icing it, compressing it, and finally elevating it. 

The method has been used since the 1970s. It helped to heal the body and keep the area from being abused. 

However, the method has changed slightly over the years as it’s been discovered that rest can be bad for injuries. 

The Mystery of Ice

With all this information to think about, many people are curious about ice. 

Generally, people agree that ice is an analgesic, which helps to cool the temperature of the skin and numbs the pain. Despite this, there is little to no evidence that it helps with any underlying issues surrounding muscles. 

Unfortunately, recent research has suggested that ice is no longer a part of the process. When the body receives an injury, it releases signals to start producing a hormone that initiates healing. The inflammation triggers hormone production, so when we apply ice, we’re making a mistake. 

By reducing the inflammation, you serve to do nothing but cut down the number of healing hormones produced which serves to cause a delay in the healing process. 

Is There an Alternative?

Ultimately, the need for an alternative is one of the most critical factors in caring for an injury.

Kinesiology sports tape is an excellent example of a powerful way to treat the body while giving it the support it needs. The tape serves to compress the area and give you the support necessary to do some light exercise where possible, but it doesn’t disrupt the creation of healing hormones from the body.

Naturally, this makes it a good substitution for a pack of ice because it effectively heals the body without suppressing any of its instincts. It will be a valuable resource simply because it allows the body to heal and repair without any drawbacks naturally.

Final Thoughts 

So when it comes to ice, it’s not the best method of keeping yourself cool! Unfortunately, it interferes with natural processes in the body and isn’t reliable. 

Kinesiology sports tape is an excellent tool for people to get acquainted with because it can offer a lot when giving the best results. You’ll want to get the best possible options, which makes things easy to do. The tape can be used to patch up an injury and keep it supported while still giving you the mobility that you need and not messing with any of the natural processes. It’s a great way to heal and stay mobile all at once, so we do recommend it. 





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