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Taping for Golfer’s Elbow

Image by Racool_studio on Freepik

You don’t have to play golf to be plagued by a painful condition dubbed golfer’s elbow. Many medical conditions were named after the most common source, but elbow pain can come from many different activities. If you do play golf, you may find yourself suffering from this condition, and it really is a pain in the elbow.

What is Golfer’s Elbow

Golfers elbow is a repetitive strain activity that comes from repeated twisting and bending of the wrist. Although the pain is focused on the elbow, due to the way the muscles and ligaments of the arm are connected. The reason it was initially attributed to golfers was because of the action used repeatedly moving the club. It can also be caused by the repetition of throwing a ball, gardening or shovelling. Pain can also strike if you are regularly having to lift heavy weights with your palm facing down and your elbow extended. It can actually occur at any time, but he’s also attributed to painting, weightlifting, baseball and other racket sports.


What are the Symptoms?

Sadly, the most common symptom of golfer's elbow is pain. You can experience pain when making a fist or twisting your forearm. The pain is often felt on the inside of the elbow if you lift your wrist or hand. You may also find that there is swelling around the elbow and touching. It can be very painful. 

Treating Golfer’s Elbow

With most repetitive strain injuries, the primary treatment is always to rest the affected joint. Your doctor may also advise you to ice the joint and take anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. A brace or splint may also be suggested, and these can be quite bulky and limit movement, which is where kinesiology sports tape can come into its own. As an alternative to a bulky splint, taping the joint offers support but does not impede movement, making it like a second skin that you barely know you are wearing.

Kinesiology Sports Tape

We have a large range of application guides on the website, and the kinesiology sports tape is incredibly versatile. You will find a range of techniques for taping the elbow, and in many cases, it’s a question of trial and error to see what works best for the pain you are experiencing. If you have never used kinesiology sports take before, you will also find comprehensive instructions on how to cut and apply the tape for the best results. Generally, it is applied with a percentage of stretch to create the tension that supports the area that is causing pain.

One of the great things about kinesiology sports type is that it can be left on for several days, and it is even safe to shower while wearing the tape. This makes it great for busy lives when you haven’t got time to be constantly taking off and putting on a splint or brace. It comes highly recommended by physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths, so why not give it a try today?

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