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Plantar Fasciitis and Kinesiology Sports Tape

Foot pain is a common problem, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet at work or you enjoy athletic pursuits. Plantar fasciitis is the primary cause of any pain that runs along the sole of your foot and makes walking painful. The plantar fascia is a very thick band of tissue that starts at the front of your foot and works its way along to the back. If you have experienced plantar fasciitis, you will know the misery it can cause, and unfortunately, reversing it once it started can take some time.

Pain When Moving  

Plantar fasciitis can trigger at any time, but it’s usually when you start to do something new that this band of tissue becomes annoyed. It’s a movement condition, so as you walk, jump or run, it tends to get worse. It can be a really horrible sharp, jabbing pain, especially when you first get up from resting. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help your body recover and return to normal activity, but in the meantime, kinesiology sports tape can provide an extra layer of support that won’t cause any problems with your shoes fitting, and yet will make it feel a lot more comfortable when you take those all-important steps.


One of the reasons plantar fasciitis becomes a problem is ill-fitting or badly supportive shoes. If you speak to doctors, they will tell you. It is very common among people who live in flip-flops in the summer because there is nothing to support that section of your foot. So, the first thing you can do to aid recovery is ensure that you are wearing shoes that provide adequate support to your instep. Before you pop your shoes on, take a section of kinesiology sports tape and anchor it under your toes, where they join the sole of your foot. Now, applying a reasonable stretch, smooth the tape into the groove created by your instep and bring it up outside your heels. You can also place a second half piece of tape from the top of your foot under the arch and back to the other side.


Other Things That Help

Some people can find it really difficult to settle the plantar fasciitis, so there are exercises you can do to stretch the foot, for example, sitting in a chair, placing a towel under your feet. You can use your toes to scrunch the towel as they curl. Also, you can stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and raise yourself up onto the balls of your feet, allowing the arches to stretch out as you do so. Place a can of soda in the fridge and allow it to get really cool, or freeze a bottle of Stillwater and then take this and roll it under your foot when the pain is particularly bad. The cooling soothing sensation will help to relieve the pain and rolling it against the cylinder of the bottle or cam helps to stretch out the muscle.




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