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Talisman Collection - Feng Shui

This talisman is a collection of inspirational Latin quotes and powerful Greek symbols.

Premium Synthetic Kinesiology sports tape with imagery consisting of powerful symbols, ancient signs, and blessed charms. This collection draws on the earliest cultures, beliefs, and mythologies from around the world.

Talismans function as a conduit for divine protection, attracting positive energies to the wearer, bringing them good luck, health, and prosperity. They also serve to deflect disease, danger and keep away evil or the supernatural.

Feng shui also known as Chinese geometry is a pseudoscientific, traditional practice originating from ancient China which claims to use energy forces to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment, The Talisman is a Fusion of East meets West mythology combining feng shui with English words of empowerment hope and inspiration

More About Feng Shui

Can using the principles of Feng Shui improve your success?

In Feng Shui terms clutter is stale and stagnant energy, which in turn drains your energy and lowers the quality of your life. Think of this energy drain as a mirror, if you live in a cluttered environment, this will reflect back on you as a person. You will find your thoughts and your whole life cluttered. Some people thrive on cluttered lives, but if you are struggling to achieve your goals consider decluttering your living space - it should reflect back into your mind space too. To further compound this new uncluttered space you can also cleanse the room of the stale energy that was trapped there. Smudge sticks, clapping in corners, burning incense or good old fresh air are all great.

Another important issue within Feng Shui relates to things that are broken. Broken things - no matter what they are have no place in your home. It is a strange mindset that can be seen all to often. People are normally upset about their car having defeats, and pay a lot to get them put right, but they have broken door handles, broken appliances and all sorts of broken architecture everywhere in their living environment and pay it no mind at all. Your space is a mirror of you. Don’t let it stay broken! This is saying to the universe that broken things do not matter to you, and you have no motivation or desire to put them right. Is that the energy you want use to attract things back? It is actually possible, and probable that fixing things in your home will make it easier for you to confront and fix other lingering issues or problems in your life at the same time. Go through the house and see what there is that needs fixing.

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