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Many people regularly experience shoulder pain or will incur an injury to this area, and this is because the shoulder is the most actively used joint on your whole body.

Often shoulder pain can occur when the muscles supporting this joint are not strengthened, or become weakened, or, if they are thrown out of balance, making you uncoordinated and out of sync.

If you experience restricted movement in the shoulder whenever you are physically active, the most likely underlying cause of this is due to your muscles being damaged or weakened in some way. To improve this condition, the aim should be to support the deltoid muscles, and stabilise this important area


An injury to your Acromioclavicular (AC) joint occurs whenever you suffer damage or strain to the top of the shoulder area, at the point where the front of your acromion, or shoulder blade, meets your clavicle.

This painful condition is most often caused by a heavy impact such as a fall or knock, that occurs on the outside of the shoulder area.

It can also be caused by repetitive movement, which strains the
joint and places it under duress.

These types of injuries need to be correctly identified by a qualified
physical therapist or medical practioner, and are treated non-surgically in most cases.


Rotator cuff syndrome is an injury suffered by a relatively high number of people, because the cuff is a group of four muscles located in your shoulder that controls the unstable ball and socket joint.

This ball and socket joint can be so easily torn, strained, or damaged as its placement and role makes it extremely vulnerable.

KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE can help you to ease the pain of Rotator Cuff Syndrome by decompressing the cervical muscles, which in turn reduces the pain that can spread into your
shoulder and neck.

When worn regularly over time, KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE could reduce the need to loosen up your muscles physically, as it can help to keep them warm, stretchy, and limber.



Ensure your skin is washed and dry, and the area you want to apply the tape to is shaved.

Stretch your head away from the direction of the shoulder you want to apply KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE to.

Apply tape with a 25% stretch around the shoulder and under the shoulder blade. Then apply two strips of tape with an 80% stretch horizontally across the initial tape.

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