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Shoulder and Neck Pain Can be Helped with Kinesiology Sports Tape

One of the most common reasons people head to the GP office is pain in the back, shoulders and neck. There are many reasons why we suffer as a population. Desk jobs, poor posture and sitting on overly soft sofas are just a few common causes. It is also an area easily overworked and injured by sports and gym use. However, kinesiology tape can help! Not only with supporting a damaged part but by sending out a preemptive strike and providing support before your workout or even a long day in the office looking at a computer screen.

Sleep Easy

Another reason that we get lots of pain in this area is from the position we sleep in, and you may be surprised to learn that this can get worse in winter. Why is that? Well, something as simple as a pillow being too high can actually cause neck and shoulder pain and during the winter months, we are more prone to colds and flu. We also tend to eat more as it gets colder, and of course, Christmas is a prime over-indulgent period. Now, one of the remedies for both these issues is to add a pillow to prop ourselves up. When suffering a cold or flu it helps keep our sinuses clearer and enables us to breathe more easily. When we overindulge it is recommended to prop the head higher to avoid stomach acid and indigestion interfering with our rest. While both of these issues can be solved by doing this we can inadvertently damage the neck or shoulders. Being a human being can be tough!!!

Taping Can Help

So, whether you already have an injury or you think you need to protect your neck and shoulders why not make 2022 the year that you try kinesiology sports tape? It has so many uses that even if your neck and shoulders recover quickly you will find another body part needing support before too long. On the website, you will find a range of how-to guides and images to help you get the application that you need. It is easy to apply at home although you will need a friend to help with some of the locations, particularly the back of the neck. Each application can last for days, and you are able to continue life as normal, even showering is not a problem. The tape is designed to fit like a second skin and you will hardly know you are wearing it. Also on the site, you will find various tape cutting techniques and an explanation of stretch when applying to ensure you get the best results possible.

Finally, we have the best selection of colours and patterns including the new and massively popular talisman collection. The talisman collection combines the natural healing of the tape with an added boost from the symbolism taken from many sources of powerful healing around the world. So why not have a look and pick your favourite today.

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